Lethal but Legal: Death Match

Can you imagine a world where supposedly one of the greatest health innovations to come through the food industry involves manufacturing carrots?

Really big carrots.

Settle down for an insight of the darker side of the Food, Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharmaceutical, Firearms, & Automobile industries’ multi-level roles in exploding rates of death, disease and injury on a global scale.
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Welcome to Are You Fit Enough.

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Bamboo Clothes are Out of this World

Experience bamboo clothes for the first time and you are bound to be surprised. It’s antibacterial thread is as soft as a fine wool, yet not at all scratchy. Using the touch test against your cheek and people will often let out a squeak of joy. Sorry that may have been just me.

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Twitter Lists

Twitter lists help me tap into specific interests. I’m currently updating lists of movers and shakers in the fitness and travel industries over at Twitter.

Do you know of anyone I’ve clearly missed out?

Any lists I haven’t even created that would be useful to you?

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Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

The health benefits of aerobic exercise, aside from offering the ogling male variety something enjoyably female to watch, are big on pluses.

But let’s get a few things straight. It’s not just for the girls. You may know of aerobics under it’s other guise – cardio.

Cardio and aerobic activities are precisely the same thing. Got that?

Warning – science ahead…

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