Welcome to Are You Fit Enough.

The site is currently in BETA development.

I am working hard behind the scenes to build something useful for your fitness journey.  Some things may not work.  Links might be broken.  Exciting isn’t it?

The shop beta is fully operational where you can purchase via PayPal.  The range is further expanding and will continue full throttle over the coming weeks.

If you spot anything rough around the edges feel free to drop me a message.  I really appreciate your patience and recognise that fire inside of you.  You’re feisty..

Don’t forget to BREATHE.

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Bamboo Clothes are Out of this World

Experience bamboo clothes for the first time and you are bound to be surprised. It’s antibacterial thread is as soft as a fine wool, yet not at all scratchy. Using the touch test against your cheek and people will often let out a squeak of joy. Sorry that was just me.

Russian Cosmonauts are Continue Reading

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists help me tap into specific interests. I’m currently updating lists of movers and shakers in the fitness and travel industries over at Twitter.

Do you know of anyone I’ve clearly missed out?

Any lists I haven’t even created that would be useful to you?

Let me know below or connect on Twitter. @areyoufitenough


Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

The health benefits of aerobic exercise, aside from offering the ogling male variety something enjoyably female to watch, are big on pluses.

But let’s get a few things straight. It’s not just for the girls. You may know of aerobics under it’s other guise – cardio.

Cardio and aerobic activities are precisely the same thing. Got that?

Warning – science ahead…

Or more precisely I’m talking about… Continue Reading

Whitewater Rafting Plan to Forget Everything

When you take a well deserved break away from your work pressures, adventure sports might feature high on the list. Getting a whitewater rafting plan together may seem like a strange thing to recommend.

Whitewater rafting down the rapids on the Shotover River in New Zealand I highly recommend. Bucket list. Write it down.


I wish I had…

A few years later after moving to so many locations in the world I no longer have a mere picture to remind me. I’m wishing I’d created a plan to forget everything. Oops. I’ve become a much better planner since and have come up with a few ideas to help preserve the experience for many years to come.

Central to keeping it all together is Continue Reading